Denise & Thierry Guardiola

Denise and Thierry Guardiola are the creators of They teach in Aix en Provence in their own school: Compadrito. This French-Argentine pair teaches an elegant and fluid Tango in harmony with the music (Tango Salon style). Their teaching is based on a structured pedagogy, progressive and effective. They regularly participate in exhibitions in France, Europe and Argentina.

Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio

Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio are a couple of generous and friendly teachers teaching method with the Tango Salon. Their performance as dancers are spectacular and precise. Their virtuosity has enabled them to win the Tango World Championship Show 2008 but also the City championship in Buenos Aires Tango Salon and Milonga.Quand they are not touring the world, they teach in Buenos Aires.

Valeria Maside & Anibal Lautaro

Valeria and Anibal are among the most talented dancers of their generation, their style is representative of the Tango Tango Salon tradititionnel of Buenos Aires, with a lot of personality and a touch of madness.
The feline and sensual mix of their march to manhood and womanhood Anibal Valeria.
As dancers, they worked with Osvaldo Zotto and Juan Carlos Copes. They regularly participate in major European festivals.

Magdalena Valdez & Roberto Zuccarino

Magdalena dance in Buenos Aires and abroad for many years in the biggest tango shows in the world. His dancing tango is done with grace and precision.
Roberto is a choreographer and dancer of the show "Tango y nada mas" which includes no less than three world champions couples Tango Salon.
Together, they are both able to dance or teach the Tango Salon or Tango show.